Author Guidelines

_Submitting to On_Culture – Style Guidelines

When preparing any kind of contribution for submission, please consult and adhere to our Style Guidelines for Authors.


_Article submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review process in which the identity of the reviewer and the author are concealed from both parties.

Please only submit material that is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.

Submitted _Articles must contain the following:

  • Title page with full title and subtitle (if any), full name of each author with current affiliation and contact details,
  • Biographical note of max. 100 words on a separate sheet,
  • Abstract of max. 200 words.

Note that the length must not exceed 50,000 characters (incl. spaces).

The text must be formatted according to the Style Guidelines for Authors.


_Essays provide critical overviews of literature related to the topic of a respective issue. If you have interest in submitting an _Essay please contact the Editorial Board directly:

_Essays should be no longer than 25,000 characters (incl. spaces).


_Perspectives comprise all sorts of contributions (creative writing, interviews, opinion pieces, photo galleries, artwork, graphs, maps, etc.) in various media formats. Thematically, they are connected to the issue topics. They do not necessarily have to be submitted for the publication deadline of an issue, but can be submitted on a rolling basis. This means that you are also welcome to contribute to past issues with a _Perspective.

If you wish to explore the possibilities of contributing in this way, please contact the Editorial Board with your idea via e-mail: