Call for _Perspectives


On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture is a biannual, peer-reviewed academic Open Access journal that also features the section _Perspectives devoted to shorter, creative pieces pertaining to each concept-based issue. You’re welcome to submit interviews, opinion pieces, reviews of exhibitions and events, photo galleries, videos, works of art… and more! Our platform allows for the presentation of various media, from textual formats, film and images to hybrid and experimental forms.

These contributions can be submitted at any time on a rolling basis.

The themes and concepts of previous issues range from the Nonhuman to Alterity or Surveillance Cultures, all Calls for Abstracts you can find in our archive. The most recent issue focuses on ‘Ways of Reading’ and explores various approaches to reading cultural artifacts and events in an attempt to answer the question: What are the affordances of particular forms of reading and what do they bring forth? While the ability to decipher words and distinguish individual characters is perceived as a key skill and taught from an early age, philosophical traditions introduce us to critical approaches to interpreting broader cultural phenomena.

Submissions are possible for all past and future issues, topics so far have included:


We would like to invite everyone, including scholars and students, artists or journalists, to add to the growing selection of pieces. If you are interested in contributing a _Perspective, please send us an abstract that details your contribution and its connection to one of the CfAs at any time: