Peer Review Process

To ensure highest academic quality, On_Culture subjects all submitted _Articles to a double-blind peer review process, while reserving the right to reject a manuscript promptly when it does not meet the formal editorial criteria. Every peer reviewer is an expert for his/her field and is asked to provide an objective, in-detail evaluation of the article’s arguments, research data and subsequent conclusions. There will be two written, anonymous reviews of each single article with four possible results:

A – Accept for publication without revision; AM – Accept but subject to minor revision; AS – Accept but subject to substantial revision; R – Rejection recommended.

For more information about the criteria on which editorial decisions are based, please have a look at the Evaluation Form for Peer Reviewers.

Editorial decisions do not necessarily have to follow the recommendations of the reviewers, since we factor in additional information and weigh between the reviewers’ suggestions and the responsibility towards our readers and the scientific community in general. Please note that the timeline of the review process outlined below might alter based on editorial urgencies.

If you have any question, comment or recommendation regarding our review process, please contact us: