Call for Abstracts Archive

Find here an overview of our previous Calls for Abstracts

All Calls for Abstracts are still open for contributions to our _Perspective section, as they can be submitted continuously without deadline, also to past issues. To find more about this type of contribution, please look at our concept page.

Issue 1: Summer 2016: Emergence / Emergency

Issue 2: Winter 2016: The Nonhuman: Concepts, Concerns, and Challenges in the Study of Culture

Issue 3: Summer 2017: Law Undone: De-humanizing, Queering, and Dis-abling the Law – Further Arguments for Law’s Pluralities

Issue 4: Winter 2017: Alterity in the Newsreels of 1968. 50 Years Later

Issue 5: Summer 2018: Indigeneities: Territories, Spaces and Conceptual Maps

Issue 6: Winter 2018: Surveillance Cultures

Issue 7: Summer 2019: Critique: Meanings, Methods, Contexts

Issue 8: Winter 2019: Distribution

Issue 9: Summer 2020: Love: Politics, Practices, Perspectives

Issue 10: Winter 2020: Metaphors of Migration

Issue 11: Summer 2021: Illness, Narrated

Issue 12: Winter 2021: Ambiguity: Conditions, Potentials, Limits

Issue 13: Summer 2022: In_Visibilities

Issue 14: Winter 2022: Codes: Power and Subversion

Issue 15: Autumn 2023: Present Futures

Issue 16: Spring 2024: Ways of Reading

Issue 17: Autumn 2024: Trash: Cycles of the Im_Material

Issue 18: Spring 2025: Frames