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Antke A. Engel

E-Mail: engel@queer-institut.de

Antke Antek Engel is director of the Institute for Queer Theory in Berlin and currently guest professor for Gender and Queer Studies at Fern Universität Hagen. Engel received their Ph.D. in Philosophy at Potsdam University and works as an independent scholar in the fields of queer, feminist and poststructuralist theory, political philosophy, and visual cultural studies. They held visiting professorships at the Universities of Hamburg (2003/2005) and Vienna (2011), Alice Salomon University Berlin (2016), and Technical University Darmstadt (2018/2019) as well as research fellowships at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry ICI-Berlin (2007–2009), the Gender Institute, London School of Economics (2018), and an Asa Briggs Fellowship at the University of Sussex, Brighton (2019).

Contributions by Author: Antke A. Engel

A_Sociality as a Model Figure of Ambiguity

Being queerly social and cared for holds a promise of belonging. Belonging beyond heteronormativity and coercive normalcy. [1] Yet social relations, no matter how queer they are, are never devoid of indifference, unpredictability, aggression, conflict, or the risk and reality of violence. [2] It is illusory to hope for safe spaces, pure peacefulness or pleasure in bonding and care without aggression or messiness. [3] Therefore, I present queerness as lived ambiguity and […]