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David Lyon

E-Mail: lyond@queensu.ca

Website: http://www.sscqueens.org/people/david-lyon

David Lyon is the Queen’s Research Chair in Surveillance Studies, as well as Professor of Sociology and Professor of Law at the Queen’s University, Canada. He is, among other works, author of The Culture of Surveillance: Watching as a Way of Life (Polity 2018).

Contributions by Author: David Lyon

Exploring Surveillance Culture

It seems to make sense — though it might be annoying — when you receive internet ads that seem to match your interests, just after you clicked on a site for household tools or exotic vacations. This is a commonplace, unremarkable online event in the early twenty-first century. But what about old-fashioned email? Can corporate surveillance track you there? Surely. Commercial emails contain a high density of third-party trackers. [1] […]