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Dietmar Kammerer

E-Mail: dietmar.kammerer@staff.uni-marburg.de

Dietmar Kammerer received his doctorate in cultural studies at the Humboldt University, Berlin. He is currently employed as a researcher in film and media studies at the University of Marburg where he coordinates the open access repository for media studies (mediarep). His research focuses on surveillance and data protection as well as film analysis.

Contributions by Author: Dietmar Kammerer

Why Should We Talk About Culture, When We Want to Understand ‘Surveillance’?

In public debate, surveillance is considered mainly at the level of institutional power. Consequently, the debate centers on regulatory and legal interventions aimed at specific institutions and actors, be they governmental or commercial. While I will not argue against such a perspective, I find it inadequate for a comprehensive assessment of surveillance as a dynamic set of technologies, techniques, and practices that impact our daily lives […]