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Susanne Düwell

E-Mail: sduewell@uni-koeln.de

Website: https://idsl1.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/index.php?id=19908

PD Dr. Susanne Düwell is a research associate at the University of Cologne, Department of German Language and Literature I. Her research interests include: German Jewish Literature, Periodical Research, Case History Research, Crime Fiction, Text and Sound, Media Criticism. Current publications: Verbrechen als “Bild der Zeit”: Kriminalitätsdiskurse der Weimarer Republik in Literatur, Film und Publizistik, eds. Susanne Düwell and Christof Hamann (Berlin: Metzler, 2022); “Produktive Zerstreuung und Lesepropädeutik um 1800. Die Lektüre periodischer Schriften als ‘Schule unserer vollständigen Bildung’,” in: Miszellanes Lesen/Reading Miscellanies, eds. Daniela Gretz, Marcus Krause, and Nicolas Pethes (Hannover: Wehrhahn, 2022), 283–302; Medienkritik und Wirkungsästhetik: Diskurse über Rezeptionseffekte (1750 bis heute), eds. Susanne Düwell and Nicolas Pethes (Berlin: Kadmos, 2023).

Contributions by Author: Susanne Düwell

Digital Reading in the Context of Media-Critical Discourses

The course of digitalization has reshaped how we read, write, and access information. With the change of media, reading has become a highly debated topic. Not only are fears being voiced that the end of the “Gutenberg galaxy” will push back the spread of the cultural technique of reading, but since the beginning of the millennium the consequences of ‘digital reading’ have been problematized by empirical reading research (e.g. Anne Mangen) as well as by pedagogical, neurophysiological and cultural-critical perspectives …