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Andrea Del Bono

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Andrea Del Bono is an independent researcher interested in the dynamic relations be-tween Chinese migration/settlement and processes of city-making. He obtained his PhD from the Institute for Culture and Society (Western Sydney University) in 2016 with a thesis entitled: ‘Chinese and Italian Place Brands in Contemporary Sydney: Assembling Ethnicity and/in the City.’ He is co-author of Chinatown Unbound: Trans-Asian Ur-banism in the Age of China, published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2019.

Contributions by Author: Andrea Del Bono

Transcultural Urban Re-Imaginings

Ephemeral and Participatory Art Interventions in the Macrolotto Zero Neighborhood

Prato, Sunday, 2 February 2020: amid growing concerns for the spread of the Coronavirus, both researchers stood among a crowd of art enthusiasts, locals, and passers-by in the city of Prato’s Macrolotto Zero neighborhood — more commonly referred to as ‘Chinatown’ in “one of the most extraordinary places in terms of Chinese migration in contemporary Europe.” [1] Here, the locally-based art collective Dryphoto had organized the meeting point for a public art initiative led by […]