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The Selfie Subjectivity of Trans* Social Media Influencers

The selfie has emerged as one of the most globally recognizable images and is embroiled in both popular culture and scholarly debates, without a consensus in sight. It is one of the foremost ways in which individuals decode expectations of hegemonic subjectivity and encode their identities in accordance with or subversion of those codes as determined by the many intricacies of the selfie.

Invisible Superstructure of the Visible

Contested Notions of Authorized Order, or How to Render the Kankurang In_Visible

This article investigates debates on visualizations of the Kankurang and offers a new conceptualization of the interrelation of processes of heritagization and in_visibility. “Kankurang” refers both to an initiatory rite of the Mandinka ethnic group associated with the circumcision of young males as well as the spirit at its center.