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“There Is No Alternative!”

The Case for a Co(n)temporary English Fiction: Ian McEwan’s Machines Like Me and Jeanette Winterson’s Frankissstein

The year is 2019. Amongst heated discussions in the UK Parliament about how to ad-minister a fair deal between the UK and the EU after the Brexit referendum vote in 2016, two of the largest literary voices of our times, Ian McEwan and Jeanette Winter-son, publish their novels about post-human dreams and Other times, namely Machines Like Me and Frankissstein: A Love Story.

Critical Traces of the Future in Exhibition Projects About Migration

The Case of the Project Meinwanderungsland

The trend in museum studies and practice toward the topics of future and migration is evident in the current exhibition landscape. Recent publications studying museums in German-speaking countries clearly show that the future of museums can no longer be imagined without migration…

“This Notebook, Your Letter”

The Future Reader and the Pivotal Present in Louise Erdrich’s Future Home of the Living God

A future reader is a potent trope in contemporary art and literature that is concerned with the fate of our planet and humanity. One fascinating example is the one-hundred-year artwork by the Scottish artist, Katie Paterson, titled Future Library in Oslo, Norway…