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Sibylle Künzler

E-Mail: sibylle.kuenzler@unibas.ch

Dr. Sibylle Künzler is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Cultural Studies and European Ethnology (University of Basel). Previously, she worked as a researcher at the Institute for Social Anthropology and Empirical Cultural Studies and as a teaching and learning advisor (University of Zurich). In her dissertation she investigated the perception of augmented spaces in a case study of Google Maps. She studied Empirical Cultural Studies, Sociology, Popular Media and Literature, and Geography at the Universities of Zurich and Vienna, graduating with a thesis on party photography on digital platforms. She also studied Music Education (Zurich University of the Arts). Her current research observes the emergence of cultural studies through teaching and learning practices.

Contributions by Author: Sibylle Künzler

Doing Seminar Reading

Ways and Detours of Reading/Not-Reading Seminar Texts and Papers as Actors

Letting the scene end in disaster: that was the task set by a trainer in a forum theater experiment, as part of a performance seminar in Cultural Anthropology at the Universi-ty of Basel. Students in this seminar had to pick and perform a commonly known, problematic scene from their everyday academic lives. In the first round, they were to stage this scene very dramatically, with the intent of getting the audience’s emotions running high. They were then instructed to perform the same scene a second time, but this time the audience of other students and lecturers,…