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Anna Heitger

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Anna Heitger, BA, born 1992 in Washington, D.C., raised in Austria, studying Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna since 2012, currently in the Master program. I aim to write from the intersection of Anthropology and STS, with theoretical frameworks of practice theory, feminist and posthuman theories, and a special interest in affectivity and the role of emotions and affects in the practices we engage in. Investigating self-tracking technologies allows me to bring together these fields of interests within a particular kind of assemblage of human body and technological device.

Contributions by Author: Anna Heitger

12/11/2018 _Perspective

On Self-Tracking as Surveillance Practice

Running, walking, climbing stairs.

[the surface of the earth rotates while I’m moving in the world]

Someone is watching my every move.

Even when I do not move – when I sit, when I wait at the bus station, when I eat, when I sleep – there is a constant recording of my activity of being alive.

Breathing in, breathing out. Someone, something is counting. […]