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Bonnie Reid

E-Mail: bonnie.reid1@gmail.com

Bonnie Reid is a poet who lives in Naarm/Melbourne and has recently completed a PhD in Creative Writing at Monash University. Their research focuses on trans poetry and poetics relating to polyvocality, somatic ritual, drone warfare, and bodily and national borders. Their writing has been published in Women: A Cultural Review, Susan/The Journal, Verge and Cordite.

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12/18/2020 _Perspective

Troubling the Border

Global Poetic Trans* Dislocations

This essay was originally conceptualized as a part of a larger PhD project on transpoetics. Therein, I conceived of transpoetics as describing poetry and other forms of creative practice committed to the exploration and critique of the strictures through which bodies, personhood, and animacy [1] (or proximity to the animate) are recognized and organized. In this sense, transpoetics is fundamentally a mode of becoming, and an investment in the processual, not the […]