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Carolin Müller

E-Mail: mueller.377@osu.edu

Carolin Müller is a PhD Candidate in Germanic Languages and Literatures at The Ohio State University, where she obtained her M.A. in German Film. She also received a M.Ed. in English and Art Studies from the Technical University Dresden. Her work has been published in The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education and Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. Her research is focused on issues of belonging and citizenship in migrant and musical activism in Germany. She explores how the discourse on borders has shaped how cultural practices respond to, intervene, contest or critique social and political developments.

Contributions by Author: Carolin Müller

Performing Critical Voice

On the Relationship of Citizenship, Belonging, and the Articulation of Contemporary Critiques

In August 2018, the Dresden Hygiene-Museum [1] opened a special exhibition on the topic of racism to engage with the structures and effects of systemic oppression. [2] In doing so, the museum sought to provide a new perspective to the ongoing political debates on difference, inclusion and xenophobic discrimination that have marked the city of Dresden’s recent history in light of recurrent protests by right-wing conservative groups. The exhibition’s opening day […]