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Cornelia Bogen

E-Mail: c.bogen@sjtu.edu.cn

Cornelia Bogen, Associate Professor at USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China, is a scholar of Media and Communication Studies whose research focus is health communication. Her PhD thesis identified three main structures (contradiction, sensationalism, self-reference) that characterize how health and illness have been presented since the emergence of mass media in Western and Central Europe. Since 2010, she has been investigating intercultural aspects of modernization processes, by studying the impact of new media on the current transformation of doctor-patient interaction and public health discourses in China.

Contributions by Author: Cornelia Bogen

Travelling Media Structures

Adaptation and Demarcation in China's Public SARS Discourse

The flow of communication structures across various media formats can be traced back to the printing press culture of early modern Europe, where three distinct media features appeared: disagreement, sensationalism, and self-reference. These features continue to characterize health communication in today’s online media (Bogen 2011; 2013). This study investigates whether these media structures also characterize contemporary health communication in non-Western countries like China, which are undergoing a modernization process. […]