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Daniel Lorenz

E-Mail: daniel.lorenz@eclipso.at

Daniel Lorenz holds a PhD in applied linguistics, which he attained at the Department of Languages and Literature, University of Innsbruck in 2016. His thesis proposes a scientific, phraseological, and interlingual lexicon for Turkish and German. It contains phraseological entries paired with information on motivation of linguistic images, references to cultural backgrounds of the phrasemes in question, and detailed information on corpus linguistic frequencies and the distribution of variants. His recent research focuses on cognitive and historical aspects of figurative language comparison, especially between German and immigrant languages in western Europe.

Contributions by Author: Daniel Lorenz

The Politics of Housing Metaphors

Challenging Images of Migration and Patriarchy

The most thorough efforts to arrive at an exact and unambiguous political terminology are destined to fail when it comes to formulating abstract ideas without using a language that is saturated with connotations, imaginations, or narratives. Philosophical metaphorology and linguistic phraseology theorize about the way our conceptions regarding truth and reality rely on figurative language, maintaining that metaphorical language constitutes the core of many theories about the world and society. […]