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Danijela Majstorović

E-Mail: danijela.majstorovic@flf.unibl.org

Danijela Majstorović is Professor of Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the University of Banja Luka’s English department teaching Discourse Analysis and Cultural Studies. Currently, she is a Humboldt Experienced Research Fellow studying discourses and affects of social protests and third wave migrations in post-2015 Western Balkans at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany. She is the author of Diskursi periferije (Biblioteka XX vek, Belgrade) and Diskurs, moć i međunarodna zajednica (Filozofski fakultet u Banjoj Luci, 2007), one of the founders of the Banja Luka Social Center (BASOC) and the program directress of the feminist festival BLASFEM in Banja Luka.

Contributions by Author: Danijela Majstorović

Love as Practice of Solidarity

Of Peripheral Bodies, Embodied Justice and Associated Labor

On the eve of my third late spring in Frankfurt, there is the lightness and ease of being not there but here. The lindens in front of the windows give comfort, but I’m yearning for the sweetly pungent fragrance of their Banja Luka sisters. I will not be smelling them this June, or perhaps ever again for that matter, the borders have been closed again due to the corona pandemic. Their smell is from elsewhere and it won’t be going anywhere — their labors are lost.