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Farina Asche

E-Mail: Farina.Asche@uni-goettingen.de

Farina Asche is a PhD fellow in the Exhibiting Knowledge | Knowledge in Exhibitions doctoral research group at the University of Göttingen. She studied Social and Cultural Anthropology, Political Science and European Ethnology in Göttingen and Berlin. Her focus is on power relations and knowledge production from the (critical) perspective of migration and border regime studies, museum studies and science and technology studies. In her doctoral thesis, she researches the perspective of migration in the German exhibitionary complex and she is methodologically interested in the development of a knowledge regime analysis. She has worked in several contexts on critical knowledge production and the relationship between crises and futures in museums.

Contributions by Author: Farina Asche

Critical Traces of the Future in Exhibition Projects About Migration

The Case of the Project Meinwanderungsland

The trend in museum studies and practice toward the topics of future and migration is evident in the current exhibition landscape. Recent publications studying museums in German-speaking countries clearly show that the future of museums can no longer be imagined without migration…