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Hannes Kaufmann

E-Mail: hannes.s.kaufmann@sowi.uni-giessen.de

Website: https://www.uni-giessen.de/fbz/fb03/institute/ifp/Lehrende_Team/Mitarbeiter_innen/kaufmann

Hannes Kaufmann is research and teaching assistant at the Chair of Political Theory and History of Ideas at Justus Liebig University Giessen. In his PhD project he is working on the potentials of early Frankfurt School Critical Theory for a critical revision of modern law and legal structures. He studied Political Theory (MA) in Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt, and Warsaw and Political Sciences and History (BA) in Frankfurt am Main. Beyond legal theory, he is interested in critical social theory, theories of violence, exclusion, and authoritarianism.

Contributions by Author: Hannes Kaufmann

Transformations of Liberal Reason

Migration Politics and Shifts in Cultural Self-Interpretation

Political campaigning always moves in a conflicting field between facts and feeling, reason and emotion, within which the emotional side has recently been attracting more attention. It is not just the well-researched field of media that serves as a stage for this discourse, but even the well-established institutions of law that are commonly regarded as purely rational. An interesting instant of political campaigning that sheds light on law’s theatrical function in […]