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Jana Tiborra

E-Mail: Jana.Tiborra@gcsc.uni-giessen.de

Jana Tiborra is a researcher in Art Education at Justus Liebig University Giessen and a member of the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) since 2017. Her research interests include transculturality, postcolonial theory and pedagogy, and contemporary photography from African countries. In her dissertation project, she analyzes how photography can modify ways of looking and initiate processes of learning and education.

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Self-representation, Othering, and Power in Visual Culture

When we, the guest editors of this issue, had our first look at the picture of the inter-medial installation Susanne fotografiert mich beim Bade [Susanne Photographs Me Bathing] (2011/2012/2018) by Viennese artist Hannahlisa Kunyik, we were immediate-ly intrigued by the image’s ambiguity. Looking at the picture, even if it is just a detail of the artwork which now figures as the cover of this On_Culture issue, has spurred questions that have preoccupied us during our studies of in_visibilities and representation: what or who becomes in_visible here, why and how?