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Jennifer Kiesewetter

E-Mail: jennifer.kiesewetter@lehramt.uni-giessen.de

Jennifer Kiesewetter is a student of English, Politics and Economics, and Didactics at Justus Liebig University Giessen. She works as a research assistant and tutor to Prof. Dr. Eva Burwitz-Melzer in the Department of English Didactics, and as a tutor to Prof. Dr. Magnus Huber in the Department of English Linguistics. Her main areas of research are forms and functions of young adult literature and serial narratives, and their use in the foreign language classroom.

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12/11/2018 _Perspective

Dystopian Realities

Investigating the Perception of and Interaction with Surveillance Practices

Many of us, upon opening up our laptops to work (or waste time looking at cute cats on the internet), are greeted by the familiar sight of a little piece of tape that we placed on our screens in an effort to cover the webcam. Intended to function as a bulwark between our privacy and the depths of the internet, this little self-defense mechanism is symptomatic of a much deeper problem than the fear of being recorded doing something embarrassing. […]