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Katrin Becker

E-Mail: katrin.becker@uni.lu

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Katrin Becker studied Law at the University of Trier and at the University of Bonn. She received a bachelor’s degree in German and Romance Studies from the Universities of Bonn and Paris-Sorbonne University as well as a master’s degree in German and Romance Studies from Paris-Sorbonne University. She completed her PhD at the University of Luxembourg and Paris-Sorbonne University with a thesis on “Zwischen Norm und Chaos: Literatur als Stimme des Rechts. Legendre, Kafka, Hoffmann.” She is currently a scientific researcher for “law and culture” at the University of Luxembourg. In her work she focuses on cultural anthropology, metaphysics, legal philosophy and literary studies.

Contributions by Author: Katrin Becker

The Juridical Voice of Literature

A Perspective on Literature’s Entanglement with Normativity

I would like to argue that literature plays a crucial role with regard to this interplay of law and aesthetics. This, I claim, is on the one hand due to the nature of literature, which features exactly those structures that – according to Legendre – form the basis of both the legal system of culture and the human’s subjectivity: a normative setting of relationality – here: scripture – and a realm of culture-specific imagery – here: those images hidden in the text which are brought to life within the reading subject […]