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Maevia Griffiths

E-Mail: maevia.griffiths@graduateinstitute.ch

Maevia Griffiths is a graduate from the Master in Development Studies at the Geneva Graduate Institute. Specialized in gender, power and conflict studies, she uses filmmak-ing as a tool for social science research. She has directed and produced several docu-mentaries, notably Elles les (in)visibles, which is being screened in various venues across Switzerland. Currently, she is undertaking a Master in Documentary Filmmaking at Goldsmiths University London.

Contributions by Author: Maevia Griffiths

Reclaiming Agency through the Politics of the In_Visible Body

Illegalized Migration and Self-Representation of Women Domestic Workers in Switzerland

This article deepens our understanding of agency in the context of (in)securitized migration by engaging with the experiences of ‘undocumented’ women domestic workers in Switzerland. By linking the securitization framework with gaze theories and ontologies of the body, the following article accounts for migrants’ embodied and gendered experiences of (in)security and agency. In this perspective, the same bodies which are subjected to domination become tools of resistance enacted through a politics of in_visibilities. While these women mobilize strategies of invisibilization (camouflage, spatial practices of avoidance) to resist deportation, they simultaneously reappropriate self-representation by visibilizing their embodied presence within Switzerland’s visual field, creating a counter-gaze to their (in)securitization.