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Mario Ricca

E-Mail: mario.ricca@unipr.it

Mario Ricca is professor in Intercultural Law at University of Parma, Italy. He is managing director of the online journal Calumet — Intercultural Law and Humanities Review. He has published several books on intercultural law. His research areas interplay among law, anthropology, semiotics, and geography.

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Earthly ​​Indi​geneity

The Cognitive and Ethical Implications of a Disregarded Cosmic Occurence

I would like to begin this essay by analyzing the simple and somewhat whimsical question I offer as a title for this prologue. To this end, let me introduce myself: I was born in Sicily, thereby in Italy, to native Italian parents; I do not belong to a decolonized territory, nor am I a member of any minority group or ethnicity. I am a legal scholar, and a full professor at Parma University. I cannot express any serious complaints about my ability to ‘live’ my culture and — flaw of flaws — […]