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Miriam Piegsa

E-Mail: Miriam.Piegsa@uni-passau.de

Miriam Piegsa studied Film, Theatre, Literature and Communication Studies, Philosophy, and History at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz. Since 2015, she has held a research associate position in the “Privacy and Digitalization” DFG Research Training Group at the University of Passau. Her dissertation project investigates the link between privacy and authenticity in contemporary documentaries. Her research interests include factual narratives, autobiographical writing, documentary studies, and graphic narratives.

Contributions by Author: Miriam Piegsa

The Representation of Dataveillance in Visual Media

Subjectification and Spatialization of Digital Surveillance Practices

The current ubiquity of surveillance in the sense of a social-ordering process is mainly based on the architecture of technologies designed to allow for surveillance as a form of data collection known as dataveillance. [1] In order to investigate cultural meanings of technology, it is worth looking at its media representations and negotiations. It is important to note, though, that the relationship between digital technologies and visual media is quite peculiar. Digitality is difficult to visualize. […]