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Peter Rogers

E-Mail: peter.rogers@mq.edu.au

Website: https://researchers.mq.edu.au/en/persons/peter-rogers

Peter Rogers is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Macquarie University, Sydney (Australia). He has written widely on urban change including the books Resilience and the City: Security (Dis)order and Disaster and The Everyday Resilience of the City (with Jon Coaffee and David Murakami-Wood).

Contributions by Author: Peter Rogers

The Securopolis

(Re)assembling Surveillance, Resilience, and Affect

This paper explores the idea that modern urban life is being re-assembled. It supposes that such a (re)assemblage encourages a particular configuration — which I have dubbed ‘the securopolis.’ The securopolis is a form of urban life in which humans enact a ‘watchfulness’ (i.e. surveillance) combined with a ‘readiness for the worse’ (i.e. resilience). It is also argued here that the securopolis is not simply a model of a secure city, rather it is increasingly an influence on the underlying habitus […]