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Snežana Vuletić

E-Mail: Snezana.Vuletic@anglistik.uni-giessen.de

Snežana Vuletić is a doctoral candidate at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) in Germany and the University of Stockholm in Sweden. Her dissertation engages with literary representations of Igbo identities in modern and contemporary Nigerian Anglophone literature. As a member of the Integrative Graduate Humanities Education and Research Training (IGHERT), she also participates in an international and interdisciplinary discussion on indigeneity. Her research interests include African Anglophone literatures, indigenous literatures, and world literature, with particular focus on identity politics. Vuletić currently works as a research and teaching assistant in the English Department at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, where she lectures on postcolonial literatures.

Contributions by Author: Snežana Vuletić

Indigenous Decolonization of Western Notions of Time and History through Literary and Visual Arts

Various forms of injustice and oppression against indigenous peoples throughout modern history have been intrinsically connected to Western modernity and its conceptualization of time as linear, progressive, and universal. Yet the (post)Enlightenment era has made strikingly apparent that time is not only an aspect of nature, but a social construct, too. The Enlightenment philosophy of the eighteenth century shaped a particular notion of modernity that caused a radical split between the past (‘tradition’) and the present/future (‘modern’). […]