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Jan Christoph Suntrup

E-Mail: jan.suntrup@uni-bonn.de

Website: http://www.recht-als-kultur.de

PD Dr. Jan Christoph Suntrup is Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities “Law as Culture” in Bonn. As a political scientist, he deals with questions of political and legal theory, political philosophy, the history of political ideas and the study of political culture and cultural theory. His work has a special focus on the changing role of intellectuals, theories of democracy, constitutionalism, the intricate relation of law and politics and – in his habilitation thesis – cultural dimensions of law and cultural conflicts in a globalizing world.

Contributions by Author: Jan Christoph Suntrup

The Legal Person and Its Other

A Comparative View on Drawing and Effacing Boundaries in Various Cultural Contexts

The project of “de-humanizing law” ties in with the growing corpus of posthumanist theories that challenge liberal, humanist, and Enlightenment models of selfhood and rationality in very heterogeneous manners and with diverging normative implications [1] — models that are suspected to form the basis of Western law as well. The critical project of posthumanism involves questioning the divides between humans and nature, reason and unreason, mind and body, culture and nature, human life and the world of things and technology. […]