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Talia Meer and Alex Müller work at the University of Cape Town’s Gender Health and Justice Research Unit. Talia works on gender-based violence, sexual and gender minority health and the law, identity, urban space and postcoloniality; Alex works on queer health with a focus on participatory research for evidence-based law and policy reform. The Qintu Collab is made up of eighteen queer youth from Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, two academics, three artists and a journalist. It was formed to allow young queers to share experiences and create media that documents relatable stories about and for queer African youth.

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09/03/2020 _Perspective

Queer Love within, through and beyond Creative Queer African Collaboration

Representations of queer people on the African continent have been dominated by public health discourses on HIV [1] and heteronationalist discourses about queer people as perverse and ‘unAfrican.’ [2] In many countries, these are supported by colonial-era domestic laws that prohibit same-sex sexuality. As a result, queer people, affiliations, and identities are largely construed through the framework of sexual pathology or sexual deviance, [3] and queer people frequently experience rejection, violence, and social exclusion. […]