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Christoph Borbach

E-Mail: christoph.borbach@uni-siegen.de

Website: https://www.uni-siegen.de/locatingmedia/personen/christoph_borbach.html

Christoph Borbach is a research fellow at the research training group Locating Media at the University of Siegen, where he conducts a research project entitled “Zeitkanäle|Kanalzeiten” (“Time Channels|Channel Times”) on the media history of the operationalization of delay time from a media archaeological perspective. Borbach studied Musicology, Media, and History at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His bachelor’s thesis dealt with radio theories between ideology and media epistemology. For his master’s thesis, he studied the media-technical implementations of echoes. His research interests include media theory of the voice, media archaeology of the echo, operationalization of the sonic, time-critical detection technologies and their visualization strategies, and the occult of media/media of the occult.

Contributions by Author: Christoph Borbach

Siren Songs and Echo’s Response

Towards a Media Theory of the Voice in the Light of Speech Synthesis

Mankind’s fascination with the human voice is as old as mankind itself. In two of the most prominent collections of ancient myths — Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Homer’s Odyssey — the human voice is a crucial topos. The specific role and epistemic-situational embeddedness of the (non)human voice in both myths-collections reveal its two main media techniques, namely, phonographic voice reproduction and synthetic voice production. [2] […]