About the Author

Wendelin M. Küpers

E-Mail: wkuepers@karlshochschule.de

Wendelin Küpers is Professor of Leadership and Organization Studies at Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe, Germany. Integrating a phenomenological with a cross-disciplinary orientation, his research explores embodied, emotional, and creative dimensions of cultural practices in relation to more responsible forms of organizing and managing. Furthermore, he investigates artful and aesthetic dimensions of practical wisdom for organization and leadership theory and practice.

Contributions by Author: Wendelin M. Küpers

Embodied, Relational Practices of Human and Non-Human in a Material, Social, and Cultural Nexus of Organizations

All beings inhabit an ineluctable physical-material world that is part of non-human and increasingly human spheres. However, despite or perhaps because of its ubiquity and the present ways it materializes in every-day life, for the most part the physical and so called non-human dimensions are taken for granted or perceived in a distorted way or humano-centric perspective. Likewise, concepts and realities of materialities and more-than-human dimensions are treated in problematic ways. Often these are dismissed or ignored in social […]