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The Non-Human as Such

On Men, Animals, and Barbers

What, if anything, is a non-human? A superficial reply seems to be on the surface: a non-human is anything other than human. It can be an elephant, a diamond, a wasp, a robot, a flower, a cloud, a cyborg, a stone, a computer program, a star, a work of art, a zombie — there is an endless list of worldly things that are different from the human being. They return from a long exile of ontological and epistemological subordination to the human, who, by historically expanding his habitat, appointed himself the hub of the universe. […]

Embodied, Relational Practices of Human and Non-Human in a Material, Social, and Cultural Nexus of Organizations

All beings inhabit an ineluctable physical-material world that is part of non-human and increasingly human spheres. However, despite or perhaps because of its ubiquity and the present ways it materializes in every-day life, for the most part the physical and so called non-human dimensions are taken for granted or perceived in a distorted way or humano-centric perspective. Likewise, concepts and realities of materialities and more-than-human dimensions are treated in problematic ways. Often these are dismissed or ignored in social […]