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Law Undone

Corporeal Subversion in Mariella Mehr’s Stoneage

From 1926 to 1972, an anti-nomadic program was put in place in Switzerland in which Yenish children were ruthlessly hunted down by the Ouevre d’entraide aux enfants de la grand-route (Association for Assistance to Traveller Children). [1] In total, around six hundred Yenish children were forcibly removed from their parents and put in foster homes, orphanages, prisons, or asylums as wards of the state. […]

Undoing Ableism

Disability as a Category of Historical and Legal Analysis

There is a fundamental contradiction at the heart of disability politics. While Anglophone disability studies argue for the inherent politicity of disability as a legal and political issue, disability as a category of analysis remains largely absent from historical, political, and legal discourse. [2] To make matters even more complex, ‘disability’ has more than one meaning. There is the medical model of disability, […]