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Oliver Klaassen

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Oliver Klaassen, previously a Fulbright visiting scholar at University of Southern California (USC) and a visiting scholar at State University of New York at Buffalo (UB), is a lecturer at different German universities and a PhD candidate at GCSC at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, where he works on his dissertation project, tentatively entitled Radically Ambiguous Politics of Queer In_Visibilities in Contemporary Art Photography. His broader research interests include history and theory of photography, queer art and media studies, politics of aesthetics, ethics of visuality, and queer ecology.

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07/31/2019 _Perspective

A Radical-Ambiguous (Re-)Vision of America’s West

David Benjamin Sherry’s Eco-Queer Critique of America’s Changing National Parks in his Photo Series Climate Vortex Sutra (2014)

How can climate change be understood and imagined in contemporary art photography from a queer point of view? [1] In the following, I want to answer this question by delving into the artistic practice of the American photographer David Benjamin Sherry. Through my eco-queer reading [2] of his series Climate Vortex Sutra (2014), I want to find out to what extent it deals not only with questions of climate change but also with the heteronormative history of American landscape photography. […]