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Pınar Türer

E-Mail: pinarturer@outlook.com

Pınar Türer is a graduate student in the Gender Studies program at Utrecht University. She has a background in Comparative Literature with a BA from Koç University, Istanbul. Her research focuses on the question of the self in intimate erotic relationality. Working across different mediums such as literature, dance and film from 20th and 21stcentury, she researches the intersection of corporeal and discursive imaginations of love as ‘movement,’ and intimacy as the in-between space of narration, imagination and queer potentialities. She also writes and publishes fiction and non-fiction; her latest review on Clarice Lispector can be found on emptymirrorbooks.com.

Contributions by Author: Pınar Türer

An Erotic Re-Imagination of Human/Nature Relationality

Ecosexuality and the Legacies of Coloniality in Love and Sex

How much are our practices of love and sex shaped by the logic of coloniality? Why should we ask this question in an attempt to re-imagine human/non-human relations? These rather large questions constitute the main concern of this paper. In what follows, I try to dissect and ‘trouble’ our ideas of love and sex by looking at ecosexuality as a conceptual tool in order to challenge the colonial binary (and hierarchical) logic of nature/culture, human/non-human. […]