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Raul Gschrey

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As artist, curator, and scholar, Raul Gschrey investigates socially and politically relevant topics in a multifaceted way. In recent years, he has examined the phenomenon of visual surveillance and explored artistic subversions. He is co-curator of the Frankfurt video gallery “con[SPACE],” which focuses on urban space. His long-term exhibition and publication project “grenzlinien”/“borderlines” deals with irregular migration in a European context. He teaches at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in the Master program “Performative Künste in Sozialen Feldern”/“Performative Arts in Social Fields” and is working on his PhD thesis at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) and Internationales Promotionsprogramm (IPP) in Giessen, Germany.

Contributions by Author: Raul Gschrey

07/31/2017 _Perspective

Visualizing Law’s Pluralities

Artistic Practice and Legal Culture

The interrogation of the cultural construction and negotiation of legal practices in the conference Law’s Pluralities: Cultures/Narratives/Images/Genders (Giessen, Germany, 2015) offered a stimulating occasion for the presentation of pertinent artistic works. The international artistic positions by Il-Jin Choi, Raul Gschrey, Mi You, and Manu Luksch reflect upon social and legal frameworks, and demonstrate means to visualize phenomena that often remain abstract. The artistic interventions themselves are also productive: through their explorations, contestations, and subversions, they participate in an alternative production of knowledge; they mediate and shape legal practices.

05/30/2016 _Perspective

Shake Those Methods!

The Art of Doing Research

In the winter term 2015/16, the GCSC research area ‘Visual and Material Culture’ held a number of meetings on the application of the research methodology while conducting research in the study of culture. As the immediacy of practical application of the research methods leaves a strong imprint on the ideas and knowledge that appear in academia, we wanted to report on our discussions in the light of the theoretical concept of ‘emergence.’ …

05/30/2016 _Perspective

Curating as Research

In recent years, curating seems to have become a flourishing practice; everything seems to be curated today: meals, music, marriage ceremonies. But beyond these inflationary uses, the professional curation of museums, exhibitions, or collections has also received increased attention — the arena where curating as research and means in the production of knowledge comes to the fore. University courses in traditional curating are booming, but there is little academic literature on the subject, and it often remains vague as to what the role of the curator and their methods and repertoire of tools might look like. For me as an artist, curator, and academic, but also for the research area ‘Visual and Material Culture,’ these questions, as well as how curatorial practice relates to academic work, are of central concern. …