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Ronja Trischler

E-Mail: Ronja.Trischler@gcsc.uni-giessen.de

Website: http://ronjatrischler.cultdoc.uni-giessen.de/ronja-trischler

Ronja Trischler is a PhD student at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture in Giessen, Germany. Beforehand, she engaged in the study of culture in interdisciplinary programmes at Goldsmiths College, London (UK) and University of Leipzig (Germany) which combined Cultural Sociology, History, Philosophy and Management. Her academic interests include media and technology, material and visual culture, as well as reconstructive methods of social research. Her PhD project deals with contemporary collaborative work practices in digital visual postproduction for cinema and television.

Contributions by Author: Ronja Trischler

05/30/2016 _Perspective

Design and Modeling as Processes of Creating Culture

In the framework of the investigation into “Research as Art” by research area ‘Visual and Material Culture,’ Prof. Claudia Mareis (Basel) and Dr. Reinhard Wendler (Florence) hosted a two-day workshop on “Designing Models, Modelling Design” (February 3–4, 2016). In the workshop, the concepts of ‘design’ and ‘model’ served as semantic vehicles for a discussion on the temporal and material character of meaning-making. As ideas, both can foster an interdisciplinary analysis of emerging cultural phenomena, transcending disciplinary boundaries in academia as well as those between different fields of cultural reflection, social planning, and material production (such as architecture or engineering). The workshop revolved around the central notion that the creation of objects and images during modeling and design processes can fulfill a multitude of different functions: as means of representation, ideation, planning, or communicating ideas, they shape historically specific emergences of cultural phenomena. …

05/30/2016 _Perspective

Shake Those Methods!

The Art of Doing Research

In the winter term 2015/16, the GCSC research area ‘Visual and Material Culture’ held a number of meetings on the application of the research methodology while conducting research in the study of culture. As the immediacy of practical application of the research methods leaves a strong imprint on the ideas and knowledge that appear in academia, we wanted to report on our discussions in the light of the theoretical concept of ‘emergence.’ …