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Jaxon Waterhouse

E-Mail: ecologicalgyretheory@gmail.com

Chantelle Mitchell and Jaxon Waterhouse are researchers and writers from so-called Australia, working across academic and contemporary arts settings through their research project Ecological Gyre Theory. Together, their work has appeared in e-flux, art+Australia, and Unlikely Journal, with other publication outcomes currently under peer review. They have presented their work at conferences nationally and internationally, most recently through the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art for the WRITING&CONCEPTS Series, for the British Animal Studies Network, and Macquarie University. They have recently shown their work at Sawtooth ARI, Launceston (deluge, January – February 2020) and taught their ecotheory and practice focused curriculum ‘Abyss Lessons’ through Bus Projects in 2020.

Contributions by Author: Jaxon Waterhouse

Shapes on the Horizon

Reading the Pumice Raft and Migration through Agentic Ecologies and Australian Border Control

Following the eruption of geologic matter from an undersea volcano in 2019, its pas-sage through ocean waters and rendering in media representations, to traversals of these same waters by asylum seekers journeying to Australia, we seek to draw a line between mediatisation, attention, and flow as it relates to the drawing of borders. Through considerations of the agentic power of bodies, toward a reading of Australian history […]