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09/03/2020 _Perspective

“I Am Trying to Improve the Care of Women, That Is My Goal.”

In Conversation about Love and Abortion with Giessen-based GP Kristina Hänel

In its “Berlin Declaration for the Protection of Unborn Life”, the Bundesverband Lebensrecht demanded “love and responsibility instead of abortions.” [1] The confederation is the umbrella organization for several ‘Pro-Life’ groups in Germany which organize every year the ‘March for Life’ in Berlin. But what has love got to do with this? […]

Surveillance and Shame in Dave Eggers’s The Circle

Surveillance “has widely been theorized to induce emotions or ‘cultures of emotion.’” [1] It has been observed that surveillance creates cultures of anxiety, fear and suspicion. [2] One just has to think of security surveillance at airports that can trigger anxiety. [3] “Surveilled space alters human experience” — and therefore the emotions involved. [4] Surveillance, however, has hardly been examined in the context of other emotions. […]